ISO 9001 certification for the service industry

ISO 9001 certification is the best option for service industries like dental offices, clinics, tax consultants, etc.; keeping customer information confidential is very important for most service industries; it is essential to build customer confidence to get a new business and keep the existing clients. ISO 9001 certificate is evidence that you have a quality system implemented and that your customer information’s processed as per the ISO 9001 standard. ISO 9001 certification helps to improve efficiency and increases customer confidence.

Most service companies use ISO 9001 certificates as a marketing tool. Presenting ISO 9001 certificate; It is evident that you have a quality policy, trained employees, all the products purchased are from approved vendors, conduct internal audits and management review meetings, plan for corrective and preventive actions, and follow all governmental and legal requirements.

Below are examples of service companies benefiting from ISO 9001 Certification.


ISO 9001 Certification - Service Company – FAQ

Any service provider can get ISO 9001 certification. The certification procedure is the same for all service companies, even if you are a one-person company or have one hundred employees.

ISO certification cost depends on various factors like scope, number of employees, number of products, certification body selected, etc. please visit the ISO CERTIFICATION COST page for more information.

The duration of certification also depends on multiple factors like scope, certification body selected, involvement of ISO consultant, etc.

Yes, there is a surveillance audit every year at the same time. The certificate is issued for three years, but you must pass the surveillance audit; if not, the certificate will get canceled.

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