ISO Certification - FAQ

ISO Certification is evidence that the organization has a quality management system implemented. It is common for large organizations to request the ISO Certificate from their vendors as part of the vendor evaluation, so small companies are forced to get an ISO certificate to keep their approved vendor status. Below are the frequently asked questions from small companies preparing for ISO certification.


ISO Certified means your organization implemented a quality system per ISO standards and complies with ISO requirements.

Any organization, small or large, manufacturing or service, can get ISO Certification.

Certification bodies, also known as registrars, issue ISO Certificates.

ISO certificate is a document stating your organization is following the ISO standards; the benefits include improved quality of product and service, increased credibility, enhanced performance, etc.

No, ISO certification is not mandatory, but most companies request ISO certificates as part of their vendor evaluation.

It depends on the type of activity in your organization; if you are a small manufacturing company, ISO 9001 certification is preferred; if you are a medical device company, ISO 13485 is required. ISO/TS 16949 is the recommended standard for the automotive industry.

ISO Certification cost depends on various factors like certification standard, certification body, company size, the number of products, etc.

As per ISO Standard, the certificate is valid for three years. But there, a yearly surveillance audit ensures the organization follows the certified standard.

Yes, even though the ISO certificate is valid for three years, the surveillance audit is mandatory, and certification body expenses must be paid.

ISO 13485 is a specific standard for the medical device industry, and ISO 9001 is the standard for the general management system. ISO 13485 is preferred for the medical device industry but also can go with ISO 9001.

ISO/TS 16949 is the standard for the automobile industry.

Yes, trucking companies can go with ISO 9001 certification or with ISO 14001, the environmental management system standard.

ISO consultant is not mandatory but is preferred for small companies, saving much money during the implementation and auditing process.

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