ISO 9001 - Certification or Implementation Required?

There is no straight answer, it may vary from organization to organization, it relies on the purpose of ISO 9001 implementation. If you are implementing ISO 9001 quality management system as a Customer requirement, then you need a third party certification (an accredited registrar preferred) and ISO 9001 Certificate. Most organizations accept ISO 9001 certificate from an accredited registrar / certification body as an evidence of proper ISO 9001 implementation. Some large organizations have their own quality team and they will approve a vendor only after conduct a quality audit.

If you are implementing ISO 9001 as a management tool to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of your business and you have qualified competent internal auditors in the organization then you don't need a third party certification or ISO 9001 Certificate.

Since ISO 9001 is a quality system standard accepted worldwide, most businesses use ISO 9001 Certificate as an efficient marketing tool.

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