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ISO 9001 Certificate became an inevitable requirement for small businesses not only to grow but to survive. ISO 9001 certificate is one of the mandatory requirement in vendor selection procedure of most large organizations. Businesses also use ISO 9001:2015 certificate as an evidence for the quality of their product and service.

ISO Certification is challenging for small organizations (manufacturing and service). Implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system require knowledge in ISO 9001:2015 standard, training, time for documentation and expertise. There are two options, hire an ISO 9001 Consultant or assign a top management personnel. It is not a good idea for a small business having few top management personnel, assign one of them for ISO Certification, which will adversely affect the overall performance of the business.

Role of ISO 9001 Consultant

ISO 9001:2015 standard is same for a large organization with more than 1000 employees and a small organization having one or two employees. An experienced ISO 9001 Consultant can help you to interpret the standard and apply to the scope of your organization. ISO 9001 consultant will also help you to prepare quality manuel, quality system procedures, forms, records etc. as per ISO 9001:2015 standard.

How to select an ISO 9001 Consultant?

When search on internet for ISO 9001 consultant you can find lot of consultants including online store with ISO 9001 templets. Pre-designed templates are useful only if you have competent knowledgeable (both in ISO 9001 Standard and software) person is in the organization. ISO 9001 implementation is an onsite job which require frequent consultant visit to the site, selecting a consultant from nearby areas will help to reduce the cost. Experience and knowledge of consultant is an important factor in timely completion of project. Liberty Management Group LTD (LMG) headquartered in Greater Chicago, provide ISO 9001 consulting service to Chicago and suburbs.

Cost of ISO 9001 Certification

Cost of certification includes consultant fees and certification body fees. Certification body (registrar) fees is different for each certification body. The fees for an accredited certification body will be higher than a non-accredited certification body. Most ISO Consultants charge hourly fees so it is hard to budget ISO Certification cost. LMG provide an estimate of total cost of consulting before we start the project.

LMG offers ISO 9001:2015 Certification assistance to Chicago and suburbs from Aurora, Illinois and New York & surrounding states from Manhasset, New York. We provide complete assistance from ISO 9001 implementation through certificate issuance, we will assist you with

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