ISO 9001 Certification or Approval Required?

ISO 9001 is a standard for implementation, a third-party certification body can audit the quality system implemented in your organization and certify the system is in compliance with ISO 9001 Standard. There is no approval certificate for ISO 9001, Certification bodies will issue only Compliance certificate.

Who can issue an ISO 9001 Certificate?

ISO (International organization for standardization) does not mandate a certification nor does it approve any certification body. You can choose any third-party certification body for an audit and certification of your quality system, the value of iso 9001 certificate depends on the certification body who issued the certificate. An ISO 9001 certificate from a reputed certification body will certainly increase the credibility by demonstrating that your products and services meet or exceeds the standard.

How long does it take to get an ISO Certificate?

The time required to get an ISO Certificate depends on many factors. The level of implementation is the main consideration, the next is the certification body selected. If you are a small company just start implementation process, it is always better to go with a smaller certification body. Once you are in confidence that your quality system is in fully compliant and have evidence for all process, you can switch to a higher certification body. The approximate time frame for a smaller certification body is 4 months and higher certification body is minimum 1 year.

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