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ISO Certification - Know the Facts

Did you know that ISO certificates are not issued and certified by international organization for standardization?

It is a common misconception that ISO certificates are issued and certified by International Organization for Standardization. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) does not provide audits or certification. Also, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) will not issue an ISO certificate. ISO only sets out the standard for the quality management system. These standards can be used by any organization, large or small, or any industry, manufacturing, trading, or service.

ISO recommends performing internal audits to confirm the competence of the quality management system implemented. Many certification bodies (Registrar), accredited and non-accredited, provide certification services and issue ISO 9001 Certificate. Accreditation is not mandatory, and a certificate from a non-accredited certification body does not mean it is not valid. The validity and reputation of the certificate depend on the certifying body's reputation. An independent third-party audit and certification will help confirm the competence and increase your organization's credibility.

Benefits of ISO Certification

  • Increase the Credibility of your organization.
  • Improve Quality of products and service.
  • Enhance Business Performance.
  • Demonstrate Commitment to High-Quality.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction.
  • Achieve International Quality Recognition.
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Better Coordination.
  • Enhanced Repeat Business.
  • Optimized Performance.
  • Improved Decision-making.

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