ISO 9001 - Control of Externally Provided Processes

ISO 9001 defines the requirements for the control of externally provided processes, products or services that are used in the organization's quality management system. The standard emphasizes the need for organizations to establish processes to ensure that externally provided processes, products or services meet the organization's quality requirements.

The organization must identify the processes, products, or services that are to be externally provided and determine the controls that are necessary to ensure their quality. These controls must include supplier evaluation and selection, the establishment of requirements for externally provided processes, products or services, and the monitoring and measurement of their performance.

The organization must also maintain records of the external providers' performance and take appropriate action when necessary. This may include the review of supplier contracts, on-site audits of supplier facilities, or corrective actions for non-conformances.

ISO 9001 also emphasizes the importance of communication with external providers to ensure that they understand the organization's quality requirements and are capable of meeting them. The organization should provide the external providers with relevant information and communicate any changes to the requirements.

Overall, the control of externally provided processes, products or services is an important aspect of the ISO 9001 quality management system, and it requires the organization to establish robust processes for supplier evaluation, communication, and performance monitoring to ensure that the final product or service meets the organization's quality requirements.

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