ISO 9001 Certification - Quality Manual

A Quality Manual is the master document describing how an organization's quality management system is implemented. Quality manual includes

  • Quality Policy
    A quality policy must be appropriate for the organization. It includes a commitment to comply with and maintain the quality management system. The quality policy should communicate throughout the organization and review its suitability at specific intervals.
  • Scope of Quality Management System
    The scope should clearly be defined; it should explain what is included in the scope and justification for any deviation or omission from the standard.
  • Quality objectives
    The quality objectives should be measurable and consistent with the quality policy. It should evaluate at the management review meeting.
  • Quality system procedure
    This document describes how each activity/process should be carried out; the documented procedure help to maintain or improve the quality of output.

LMG can assist you in preparing the quality manual appropriate for your organization

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