ISO 9001 Purchase Procedure

ISO 9001:2015 includes requirements for organizations to establish and maintain a purchasing process for their products and services. The purchasing process should be planned and controlled to ensure that purchased products and services meet customer needs and are delivered in a consistent and reliable manner.

The purchasing process in ISO 9001:2015 includes the following steps:

  • Planning: Establish a plan for the purchasing process, including objectives, timelines, resources, and responsibilities.
  • Supplier evaluation and selection: Evaluate and select suppliers based on their ability to meet the organization's requirements, including quality, delivery, and cost.
  • Purchase order: Issue a purchase order to the selected supplier, including the necessary specifications and requirements.
  • Verification of purchased products: Verify that the purchased products meet the specified requirements before they are accepted.
  • Records: Maintain records related to the purchasing process, including supplier evaluations, purchase orders, and verification activities.
  • Change control: Establish a process for controlling changes to the purchased products or services, including identifying changes, evaluating their impact, and ensuring that necessary approvals are obtained.
  • Supplier performance evaluation: Evaluate supplier performance to ensure that purchased products and services continue to meet the organization's requirements.

By following these steps, organizations can ensure that their purchased products and services meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. The purchasing process should be continuously improved to ensure that it remains effective and aligned with business needs. It is important to note that the purchasing process can also be impacted by legal and regulatory requirements, and these requirements should be taken into account in the planning and execution of the purchasing process.

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