ISO 9001 Training and Awareness

The ISO 9001:2015 standard requires that organizations establish procedures for ensuring that employees are trained and aware of their quality management system (QMS). The procedure for Training and Awareness typically includes the following elements:

  • Training Needs Assessment: This step involves identifying the skills and knowledge required by employees to carry out their job roles effectively and efficiently. The training needs assessment should be based on the job description and competency requirements.
  • Training Plan: Based on the training needs assessment, a training plan should be developed to ensure that employees receive the necessary training. The training plan should include details such as the training objectives, the training methods to be used, the resources required, and the training schedule.
  • Training Delivery: The training delivery should be in accordance with the training plan. The organization should ensure that the training is effective and that employees have the necessary understanding and skills to carry out their job roles.
  • Training Records: The organization should maintain records of all training activities carried out, including the type of training, date of training, and the attendees. This ensures that the organization can demonstrate that all employees have received the necessary training.
  • Awareness: The organization should also ensure that all employees are aware of the QMS and their roles and responsibilities within it. This can be achieved through regular communication and awareness campaigns.
  • Communication: The organization should communicate the importance of the quality management system and its impact on the organization's overall performance to all employees.
  • Evaluation: The organization should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of its training and awareness program and make improvements as necessary.

Overall, the procedure for Training and Awareness in ISO 9001 is designed to ensure that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their job roles effectively, and that they are aware of the QMS and their roles within it.

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