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ISO 9001:2015 is a standard for quality management systems that provides a framework for organizations to consistently meet customer requirements and improve overall customer satisfaction. The standard consists of ten sections, as follows:

  1. Scope: This section defines the scope of the standard, including its purpose, application, and key terms.

  2. Normative references: This section lists the other standards and documents that are referenced in ISO 9001:2015.

  3. Terms and definitions: This section provides definitions for key terms used in the standard.

  4. Context of the organization: This section requires organizations to identify and understand their internal and external context, including their stakeholders, and to determine the scope of their quality management system.

  5. Leadership: This section requires top management to demonstrate leadership and commitment to the quality management system, and to establish policies and objectives that are consistent with the organization's context and strategic direction.

  6. Planning: This section requires organizations to identify and address risks and opportunities that could affect the quality management system, and to establish objectives and plans to achieve them.

  7. Support: This section requires organizations to provide the resources and support needed to implement and maintain the quality management system, including human resources, infrastructure, and information.

  8. Operation: This section requires organizations to plan and control their processes, including the design and development of products and services, the production and delivery of products and services, and the monitoring and measurement of processes.

  9. Performance evaluation: This section requires organizations to monitor and measure the performance of their quality management system, including customer satisfaction, internal audits, and management review.

  10. Improvement: This section requires organizations to continually improve their quality management system, including through corrective action and the implementation of preventive actions.

ISO 9001:2015 is a flexible standard that can be applied to any organization, regardless of its size, industry, or location. It emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction, process improvement, and the involvement of all employees in the quality management system.

How to get ISO 9001 Certification

Getting ISO 9001 certification is a long process; it may take a minimum of three to four months to complete the certification process. As an experienced ISO 9001 consultant , LMG can help you achieve the ISO 9001 certification process at a reasonable cost and a minimum timeframe.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The international organization for standardization (ISO) only develops the standards, and certification is not a requirement. Still, manufacturing and service companies require a document to present to their customers as evidence of ISO 9001 implementation. Third-party certification bodies issue the ISO 9001 certificate as evidence of ISO implementation after conducting an audit per ISO guidelines.

ISO Certificate

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